May 8, 2012

Out of the Inbox - Barricades Rise "You and Your Adored"

Without sounding too crazy, I love music that is upbeat contrasted with verse that is dark, reflective and almost animalistic. Barricades Rise’s You and Your Adored is about the journey and inner turmoil of a breakup. The album’s lyrics are relatable and insightful, using instrumentals that will pull and tug on your heart strings while manifesting a state of reflection .  

The album kicks off with This Creation, a heartfelt song with a gut wrenching narrative. The best analogy for this song is that you’re at the end of a cliff, your heart is beating hard, your stomach is sinking, and you know its time but there’s a resistance. The bass in this track is almost angry with its deep and hard plucking, and the guitar riffs drive you right into their evocative vocals.

This Creation then pushes right into their second track Aftermath, which is about the aftermath of a breakup. They allude to the story about how people try to be helpful by telling you that it will get easier, but it only feels like it’s getting harder and harder. Within everyone who would be going through this, there is a fire ignited, there’s a struggle between optimism and sadness which will cause inevitable anger.

The third track, Sleepwalker, is a rebellious song about how when it’s all said and done, you start to go a little nuts and you do things you would never have done before. Some of this is good, some bad, nevertheless it is liberating.

I could go on about this album and tell you about the transitions and analogies Barricade Rise uses, but you should check it out. I could say this album is like Kubler Ross’ stages of grief meets Mumford and Sons indie folk rock. Jonathan Coates and Michael McEntee have been playing together for fifteen years, which is more than apparent when you listen to how well put together this emotive acoustic rock album is.
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