March 19, 2012

Deeanna Danger talks to Nephelium fans at St. Patrick’s Day Massacre

Malignancy with Nephelium, St. Patrick’s Day Massacre.
Toronto’s Hard Luck Bar, March 17, 2012.

Instead of a typical review of Nephelium’s live show, I am going to focus on fans who attended the St. Patrick’s Day Massacre. Metal is known for its audience affecting the vibe of the show. In this case, the energy, passion, and respect stood in favor of Nephelium in a death metal setting.

Two women started the mosh pit alone. Lead singer Devlin Anderson told the audience the ladies knew how to get it done. They moshed through the whole set, eventually having a crowd join them. Heavy metal head spins were endless with male fans in front of the stage. Eighties thrash metal players would be envious, especially considering the neck and back injuries of some. There was so much energy all around me; it was hard to focus on just one thing. A fan and friend of the band standing beside me clearly wished to be helpful with my writing. He talked to me as I took notes in my phone. With most polite and respectful expression, he pointed out the shredding abilities of James Sawyer; the way his hand held the pick in a specific way garnering the most speed.

After the show I met Spewky and Fernando of Lethal Voltage who have great energy, personalities, and awesome hair. We had conversations about music and they were intelligent and kind. The two women infamous for moshing expressed their love of Nephelium and heavy metal. We talked of various subgenres and how silly it is to classify metal in such ways, but how it is also an interesting topic of conversation among fans. Underneath the exterior of extreme aggression lies a deep love for the music and culture.

Another female fan told me she met Devlin Anderson while working at Sears. Devlin was so memorable she came to see his band a year later. I asked what she thought of seeing them live for the first time. She told me she loved it and loves metal in general. Out of curiosity I asked her who her favorite metal band was. She mentioned Demonically from Sweden. I was curious how she would classify Nephelium. She called it “Brutal Metal”.

Devlin’s eyes literally rolled in the back of his head as he performed. He seemed to channel a dark presence; an over the top caricature that “evil” metal is known for. The constant guttural deep vocal, fast playing, and loud set, was so brutal; people told me they actually had a hard time hearing at the end of the show. Nephelium is metal at its hardest and heaviest. If this sounds good to you, check them out. No one seemed dissatisfied, and most people were grateful for the good time and release of aggression. 

- Deeanna Danger -
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